Oh, That Banksy!!!

Death by Party | The Invasion Continues- The Banksy Slaughter Truck- Sirens Of The Lambs

Everybody’s freaking out about Banksy these days. He’s been around forever. And granted, he deserves the props- but why are we acting like he’s some hip new thing? Are we pushing him into the realm of the underrated? Is the market over-saturated? Is he too talented for his own good?

Picture this (I’m channeling my inner Sophia Petriillo)- Driving down the West Side Highway, going way faster than you should be. You’re in the passing lane and you come upon an animal transport trailer- a “Slaughterhouse” truck, the big metal kind with slits in the sides for air. You come upon this, but instead of horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, or any other livestock you might expect- instead of one of these animals you see…

Beautiful, stark white, plush, soft, toy lambs. Toy lambs, and cows and pigs and chicken. Hundreds of them. Battery operated, switches turned on, making a tremendous amount of noise and off to the slaughter. How wonderful!!!!! And what a commentary! How lovely for you, Banksy! Thank you! Children cried. Mothers, in turn, ran off with their crying babies. I just love the moral offensiveness! Rumor has it that this gem will be trolling the streets of the Meatpacking District in glorious Manhattan for another week- to either disgust or delight people with dietary restrictions block after block.

So- maybe you weren’t one of the four lucky art aficionados who happened on a $60 purchase price for a $100,000 piece of art- but I’m guessing if you saw the “Sirens of the Lambs” you’ll probably remember that day for a while- and in the words of MasterCard- because everything is better than money if you’re a billion dollar corporate mogul- it will be…”priceless

C U Next Tuesday,
By Beth Fox Brown

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