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The Art Of Lora Zombie

Death by Party | The Art Of Lora Zombie

There is much to be said for the milieu of self-taught artists. Raw talent culled from the cerebellum is perfected and refined through diligence, long nights and a prolific oeuvre. Oh, what the mind can achieve when its replete with imagination and equal ounce to learn from one’s own mistakes through laborious trial and error. That being said, I bring to you the idiosyncratic and thoughtful works of the inimitable grunge artist Lora Zombie. In all accordance with the lore, a zombie never sleeps, but after viewing this artwork, I’m convinced they do dream.

The breathtaking and discourse provoking pieces are naught short of ambrosial. This Russian native has a very lapidary visual style and piercing humor in the playfulness every painting. Rich details and vibrant hues tend to initially catch the oculars whilst melting colors tend to permeate the picture, lending itself to an alive but rotting sense of self. The message is the element that takes from and center stage, however. Lora imbues these pop culture pieces with an insouciant nakedness- a glasnost into what a culture we’re inundated with on a daily basis is either veiling or fully willing to accept without public admission. Her canvases render her a canvasser in the most meaningful way: one look for a thousand words.

I have deep reverence for the self-pedagogical. It’s taken years to hew out my literary stylings, and will take me a lifetime to whittle at them, as the shadow that looms over my shoulders will do so with a ruler forevermore, ready to rap my knuckles over not besting my last effort. I am speaking more on the well earned lionization of the accomplished self-taught visual artist though. Be it urban rebel, classical cognitivist, comic book banshee, or a style that’s wholly undiscovered, they are all bad-asses. Lora Z appears to be all of these and more, offering up a largesse of confections that will happily prey on your brain ‘pons’ de replay. I’d always felt there was an unspoken credulity to an impending zombie apocalpyse. Now I can welcome it with an aubade, for there is a new era in art starting with this fresh (necrotic) meat. A dawning… of the dead.

-Robert Kijowski

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