Blacker Eyes Sold Separately

Bear Champ Limited Editon by JC Rivera

Death by Party | The Bear Champ Panda By JC Rivera

Grizzly bears are known by many as the menacingly fashioned bear to be in awe of and equally feared. Reports and apocryphal tales alike have made them out to be a legendarily unpredictable lot, either fighting like a meaty-hooked drunkard or fleeing when unbidden to the party. For all intensive purposes, we shall label them as the Ernest Hemingways of the Ursidae. Conversely, Pandas are known as relatively sedentary creatures, subsisting on plants with little to nil nutritional value. One would think, they are merely big, laze about softies. In spite of how heart-melting they appear on the outside, they are still of the ursine family, and perforce, will maul if provoked. Let’s call them the Edgar Allan Poe’s of the Ursidae. This is precisely why Pobber Toys teamed up with designer JCRivera to devise ‘The Bear Champ Panda.’ This newly crowned pugilist comes ready to fight fresh out of the box, and even more prepared to nimbly run circles around any impending bout. This leaves little wonder as to why their scientific name translates to “black and white cat-foot.”

-Robert Kijowski

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