Death by Party | Blythe Chikuku By Irregular Choice

I am a HUGE fan of all things creepy. Anything that sends a chill up one’s spine is going to be on my to do list. I’m certain I’ve mentioned it before- but I often confuse Christmas for Halloween- because quite frankly, I think the world might benefit from 2 Halloweens and no Christmases- but that’s just me. So back in the day… Way back in the day. Further. Like in your Grandma’s day, there was this doll called Blythe. People went batty for it but somehow it ended up getting discontinued and there was a Blythe shortage. Now people collect and hoard them like food after a nuclear holocaust. I’ll be you could even find one or two in Midwestern underground bunker. Lucky for me & other weirdos everywhere- you can now wear this creepy doe eyed doll harlot every day!!! Now, you too can own the Blythe Chiku-boot. Fabulous boots with a photo of Blythe channeling her inner Anna Wintour. Who wouldn’t think they could walk on water while wearing these? But just in case you buy them, you CANNOT walk on water. Just because you’re holier than thou doesn’t make you holy.

C.U. Next Tuesday

-Helen Harper


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