16 Of The Most Amazing Jack o’ Lanterns On Earth

The Most Amazing Jack o' Lantern Collection On Earth By Villafane Studios

Death by Party | Villafane Studios: Smashing pumpkins

Carvers have a long, illustrious association with Autumn. Whether it’s culling the wheat from the chaff for a good season’s bounty or slicing the turkey in due respect, at least, a meta-for the actual harvest that mother nature bestows upon us, the shit is shaved. Never was this more respective and more in exemplary detail than in the heralded majesty that is Villafane Studios. The Pumpkin is native to North America, and we are rightful in flaying the flesh of an oversized gourd. Shit, they already chuck those squashes for good distances. Clubs don’t have an embargo on stripping, and that is where this carving practice takes flight.

Ray Villafane and Andy Bergholtz have soared pumpkin carving to new, unexplored heights. You thought a jack o’ lantern was just a hollowed out turnip? The hallowed art these guys have turned up exist in major publications. They are guisers of creativity. The unmitigated, undaunted thought process by which every pumpkin is imbued with squashes all other Autumnal artwork with an alacrity only viewed within the best season of Face Off. The peeling of their pumpkin flesh is akin to the pealing of a church bell. It is passionately noisy, stating a very specific time, and commanding reverence.. and their art demands goddamned reverence. Their skill is without parallel. The founder even upstaged Martha Stewart on her eponymous show, arresting all sensibility and that, my friends, is a ‘good thing.’

This third paragraph is for expatiating, and I shall. I’ve always loved Halloween. I have sauntered about in abandoned graveyards whilst in full garb on the eve of All Hallows. I have spent time in Salem on Samhain. I have worked in a Halloween store for longer than I’d like to reveal. I will kindly, however, remit myself only because however elaborate the costume was, it could have been that much better, admittedly with a carved pumpkin in tow. With that admission no longer in remission, I feel that it’s incumbent upon me to carve one this year. It won’t be as prosaic as the classic triangular eyes or seemingly serrated mouth, but it won’t be as august as these October offerings. No other artistry will ever hold a candle to these ephemeral artworks. During this holiday when jokes and japes are the normal practice and where the lore lands that illuminated pumpkins were to frighten the shit out of the bad spirits, the only scary trick is the fact that Villafane Studios shines most brightly with their treats but one day out of the entire year.

By Robert Kijowski

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