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Lost Civilization Heels By Anastasia Raadevich

Death by Party | Lost Civilization Heels By Anastasia Radevich

The first thing I thought of when I saw these shoes was Perfect Mermaid Halloween Shoes! But not the Disney kind of mermaid. The creepy siren kind that lures you to the edge of the water with her irresistible song and then, I don’t know, eats you or drowns you and molests your corpse until it gets all weird and bloated. They look like a piece of a rusty old Pirate ship gone the way of Davy Jones Locker. I love the watery abyss look. How come nobody wore these to the Oscars? These shoes come from a collection aptly named Lost Civilizations. The Artists name is Anastasia Radevich.

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By Beth Fox Brown

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