Pretty Girls Get Away With Murder

The Art Of Keith P. Rein

Death by Party | The Art of Keith P. Rein

What is it about pretty girls and gore? The two are inextricably linked somehow. “She gets away with murder”, “killer legs”, “to die for…hair/skin/breasts/what have you”… According to our art and our expressions, female beauty is violent. If she’s beautiful enough you’d let her kill you. And if she’s beautiful enough, she’ll probably get away with it. “I’m dying to be thinner” and “I’d kill for her face” are commonplace phrases; would we? Would we kill to be beautiful? Would we die? At the same time, when we’re not busy letting beautiful women get away with anything or killing and dying to become beautiful ourselves, we spend our time slaughtering the beautiful among us. The satisfaction is the same. Whether it’s by a crazy boyfriend or the angry media, we’re killing off pretty girls right and left. We are animals. Beauty is both a weapon and a target. Sex is violent and violence is sexy and we are obsessed with both. There’s just a razor’s edge between obsession and possession- there’s bound to be blood.

It is no surprise then that artists like Keith P. Rein are mashing up images of hyper-sexualized beautiful women and beautiful women dripping in blood and guts and fresh from the kill. Isn’t it all the same? His women are playful and smirking and coy, their expressions both pin-up and hunter, somehow. And maybe that’s the point. That killing and fucking are equally a game. Cumming and dying are almost the same. And if she’s beautiful enough, she’ll get away with either.

By Tricky Pitcher

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