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Landscape Photographs Made With Food

Death by Party | Landscape Photographs Made With Food By Carl Warner

Lately I’ve been buying the same thing at the grocery store in attempts of following a rationed weekday budget. In an effort to cut unwanted calories I’ve been opting for low carb wraps and perfecting what gets placed inside of them. Eggs and green vegetables are the norm for a typical morning. Full eggs for the iron and green vegetables for the libido boost. As they say: a strong libido promotes the creative process and nothing helps get me through a long day better than maintaining my sexual prowess. It is a much better alternative than wimpy sweet pastries or that early morning weekday coffee which does nothing more than foreshadow that mid-workday morning comedown or the eventual mid-workday morning coffee that adds to useless trips to the bathroom and takes valuable time away from being productive. Protein peanut butter and bananas add to my midday feeding unless I’m being invited into a house for lunch. If I do receive an invitation from any of my loyal readers let this be a fair warning to have some type of stew on hand with plenty of meat inside of it. The gamier the meat the more likely that I’ll stay to entertain you with a story about my latest dream or fantastic escapade.

The late afternoon is when my body craves the caffeine. This is the time of day when a good pick-me-up is most necessary and creative minds, as well as strong libidos, thrive off of a good late afternoon stimulant. Besides, it ignites thermogenesis which is essential in promoting ideal physical workouts(for those that prefer to exercise at the end of a workday). Working out cleanses the mind and soul which leads to looking good for we all know that the vain never look good enough and calculated clarity is more appealing to other humans than raw vanity. After the gym it’s meat dinners coupled with any host of vegetables that promote male prowess and (as an added bonus) fight the onslaught of cancer. If our life dictates what we put into our body I would say the levels of my home are floors that are slabs of meat with walls constructed of low carb tortillas and vegetables that act as the furniture. My roof is my other little weekday vice of substenance, granola bars that are high in fiber and protein because nothing shields a healthy temple better than a clean colon.

If you want a good visualization of this you’d have to look no further than the photographs Carl Warner uses to recreate landscapes with food. I’m sure my weekday landscape would get any meat lover’s testosterone pumping. Unfortunately my weekday landscape is merely a facade because it gets knocked down every weekend by shots of whiskey, bottles of good beer, toxic cigarettes, chocolate chip cookies, and anything fried. The only redeeming factor between all these temptations may be that this temple of excess overshadows my meager home of health in how it reflects the part of me that attracts the most interest from others; my uncanny adventures under the weekend’s moonlight. People would rather hear the tales from the dark side any day over the woes of daily complacency. And can you blame them; forcing down ultra-hot fried chicken fat with Mexican car bombs sounds way more exciting than nibbling on a bowl of oatmeal with a splash of soy milk. Maybe one day I’ll stick with the better house to make a permanent home but until that time comes I’ll constantly continue to get lost in the supermarket of well-being.

By Lou Cervantes

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