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Bacon Body Wash By Archie McPhee

Death by Party | Bacon Body Wash By Archie McPhee

Within the past few years, bacon has become the buzzword for ‘cabal of cool’. Now, gourmands and hipsters aside, if there was ever an olfactory lever release on scintillating scents conducive to the amatory I’d fall into obeisance for: it would be wormwood. Bitter in its aromatics, natural in its purest form, and intoxicating when fermented, it is one to get thee fucked up. This is not to trivialize the smell of the best post-coital breakfasts one could attain within three slabs of bacon upon multiple mimosa’s. This is simply to put this into perspective. I realize that Archie McPhee’s “Bacon Body Wash” hath more in tow with what I, amid many, may want.. a licentious well tasting rump-post-romp (both guys and gals.) This year, I give thanks to the potential sexy in-law going hog wild after my freshly showered self encumbered within this 5oz bottle. The supposition is it takes thee foul out of Thanksgiving.

By Robert Kijowski

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