Death By Party Presents Factory Girls Featuring Maluca

Death by Party Sponsored Factory Girls

Friday August 30th 2013

Death by Party Presents Factory Girls featuring Maluca
1221 Saint James st.
Philadelphia PA

Featuring performances by Maluca & Teamwerq

Hosted by Ariel Leon-Coeur and Maureen McCloskey
Katie Rex & Suga Shay spinning along with guest sets by Yellow Girl Mob (Gun$ Garcia and Yolo Ono)

The break down

Well- I already felt dead. Jet lagged and suffering from what seemed like an eternity of sleep deprived, semi- drunken days. I was running out of the Xanax we bought in Bangkok (they sell it cheap in blister packs on the corner there. Legally, I might add.) I needed something to set me straight and get me back on Eastern/Standard time in the worst way. But, I had a party to go to & Robert was on his deathbed, so I got my shit together and started to get ready. Very, very slowly.

My Mom used to always tell me to wear clean underpants because if you had to go to the emergency room, you didn’t want the doctors and nurses to see your dirty drawers. I started wondering. If this was my last night out, what did I want to be wearing? How did I want to go out? Red boots. Soft, supple, magnificently red boots that would make me a full four inches taller. I considered my powdered wig, briefly. But, it was brought to my attention that maybe I’ve been wearing it a little too often. I mean, that’s just one person’s opinion, but I went au natural just to avoid conflict. I didn’t have the energy.

I go through various stages once I hit the bar. And the thing about Voyeur is the drinks can be strong. Really, really strong. Thankfully I perked up almost immediately. I find in these situations you just need to dive right in. I was out with my girls, the DJ was good, my drinks were free… Did I mention there was a dance crew? I didn’t have a lot to complain about. A few drinks later, we started sending Robert Brown picture after picture of me with people I didn’t know- and still don’t for that matter. Fast forward another drink or 2 after that and I’m floating around the club looking for someone I know. I text my friends- they’re all home. I was a victim of a mass Irish Exit. I took that as a sign. It was almost 4:00 AM. I had morphed into Drunkenstein. I stumbled into Gay Pizza and got a slice of macaroni & cheese. I woke up the next morning adequately hung over and finally successfully back on Eastern/Standard time. Robert Brown was still alive.

-Beth Fox Brown

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