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Death by Party

It’s been the same old story since you were a little girl. They sold it to you in pamphlets at doctor’s offices and health text book chapters. They spoon fed your soul chicken soup and your parents read books about it. Oprah told your mom to tell you. Youth groups and peer counselors tried to hide it in slang and catchy pop tunes but it was the same old song. Be good, listen well, stay safe, hang back, study hard, get fit, love yourself, don’t fuck boys, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t you dare get high, don’t ask questions, don’t talk back, don’t think about it too hard, don’t get raped, don’t fight dirty, don’t get wild, don’t give it up, give in, go to school, get a job, get a ring, have a baby, buy a house, get it over with. Just put one foot in front of the other along the road they deemed safe until you shrivel up and die clutching your social security checks.

Fuck that.

They’re trying to sell you a limited time offer on a product that never runs out. Trying to make you believe that if you don’t hurry up and settle down now the suburban, mortgaged, sell out paradise of your dreams will slip through your fingers and you’ll never get in. The truth is it’s coming for you no matter where you hide so you might as well give it a run for it’s money and have some fun now. Boredom and cubicles are coming for your soul, baby. Would you rather hand it over pristine and unused, kept safe and clean for them to abuse or would you like to use it yourself and hand them the scraps when they come to collect?

Fuck them.

Get mad at the bullshit and do it all wrong. There’s nothing to save for, to wait for or win. This is it, little girl. You are living the dream. You are hot and alive and hungry and free. Keep running. Keep jumping and falling and betting and losing. Keep drinking and dancing and smoking and fucking. Get fucked up, go hard, because the trick to survival isn’t staying whole, it’s learning to keep going when you’re in pieces. Crash, burn, shatter and laugh. They’re coming for you, honey, put up a fight.

-Tricky Pitcher

Death by Party

Photos courtesy of http://mariealyse.wordpress.com